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BCIT Sports Marketing

I am a big believer in BCIT.  I graduated from there in 1979 and have been a fan of the institution and its approach toward education ever since then.  For the past twenty years I have been a night school instructor in the BCIT part time studies division. 

While working for the Canucks and Grizzlies I was invited to develop a course in sports marketing for BCIT.  The attached syllabus for Sports Marketing 1119 outlines the course content, its learning outcomes, the text book and the student evaluation criteria.  By clicking on the “links” icon on the bottom of the screen you will be directed to the BCIT site where you can learn more about the overall BCIT marketing program and registration.

Sports Marketing 1119 Syllabus

Lecture Notes

Student Link

Next Course Offering:

Next course offered in January 2008 at the Downtown Campus.

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