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Photo Share

One of the things I love most about photography is compiling the shots I have taken into a photo album and then sharing it with friends. I still sometimes do that, but it seems that far to many of today’s photographs just end up sitting on a hard drive, being viewed by no one. If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it fall, did it make a sound? If a picture is taken and no one views it is it really a photograph.

Enough on philosophy, this is supposed to be about photography. Some of my friends post their photos on commercial sites that ask for an email address then they send you spam; or asks for a password, which I can never remember. This “Photo Share” section of my site is just an easy way to share recent photographs with friends. No spam, no passwords – just watch out for the falling trees. TIMBER!


Christmas Sing-A-Long 2006

This year we raised over $21,000 in one night. What started as a few teenagers having some fun in the snow has turned into a perennial gesture of goodwill and fellowship.  (21 photos)

Lord Byng Class of 1976 High School Reunion

We used to be a bunch of innocent teenagers, but we ain't anymore. On May 6th, 2006 the class of 76 reunited at the Jericho Sailing Center. (54 Photos)

  Ian McLean Turns 50

I have known him since I was 4 years old. It was great to be invited to this old dinosaurs birthday party on Sunday November 12th at the Centennial Hall in White Rock. (34 photos)

Cycling in Poland

From Zakopane through the Tatra Mountain Range; in September 2006 a dozen of us from around the world met in Krakow and cycled through Southern Poland for eight days. (157 photos)

Viva Cuba

Colorful, warm, full of energy, flavor and joy. One of my best trips. Go to Cuba before the Castro regime comes to an end. Go now. I took a cycling holiday from Havana through to the Western part of the Island. Cigar smoke, vibrant music and old 57 Chevs. (42 photos)

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