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Welcome to dorg.ca.  The Digital Dorg Domain.  I developed this site because as my mind became increasingly cluttered I found that I needed a place to curb some information and creative energy in a corner somewhere where it wouldn’t get lost.

At around the same time that that revelation came to mind I was also running out of space on my house walls to display my 30 years of photography and I was getting overwhelmed by requests from friends to email them copies of new short stories I had written.  These two circumstances coincided with a desire to learn more about building a website.  That was the genesis of dorg.ca. - an ever-changing gallery of still-shots, short non fiction stories, plus a whole lot more.

As the site developed I quickly discovered that it offered lots of other useful applications to help me get organized, communicate more efficiently, and advance a variety of initiatives.  Who am I kidding?  This site is all about blatant self promotion.  But I do hope that by sharing some of my thoughts with you, good things will follow.

With that said I hope you enjoy my first foray into cyberspace.  I have a website – therefore I am.



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